Strategic Investor Spotlight: Linkcube Ventures


Welcome to another edition of our Strategic Investor Spotlight series. This time we are proud to highlight our newest investment partner, Linkcube Ventures.

Ethereum Towers x Linkcube Ventures

What is Linkcube Ventures?

Linkcube Ventures is a general partner of Defi Asia which is a subsidiary of SoftBank. They seek to onboard and retain users via asset ownership across multiple mainnet technologies. Their modus operandi is to generate a cross-project ecosystem that allows interoperability across Defi, GameFi and Chain partners which includes Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom.

They provide Defi tools such as staking and liquidity pools, as well as working in the affiliate marketing space focusing on Korean markets, investment and listing consultancy. They also help organizations with DAO governance and technology.

We are excited to be working alongside Linkcube on our journey to the Metaverse and look forward to gaining insight and benefiting from access to their vast and diverse ecosystem.

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