Strategic Investor Spotlight: CoinW Ventures


When our Strategic Investor Spotlight series launched many moons ago we could not have envisioned the number of editions we would be producing with such prestigious partners showing support to our project. As we add to our growing list of partners, we are proud to announce CoinW Ventures as our latest strategic investor.

Ethereum Towers x CoinW Ventures

What is CoinW Ventures?

CoinW Ventures is a leading global venture capitalist company based in Abu Dhabi (UAE). They are a subsidiary of CoinW; a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 that operates across 120 countries with over 7 million users.

CoinW Ventures seeks to invest and work with up-and-coming Gamefi, Defi and NFT projects. They help unlock blockchain technology for projects in their infancy, providing much needed support and resources for start up companies that are entering the Web3.0 space.

We look forward to working alongside CoinW Ventures and gaining insight from such a longstanding participant in the blockchain technology sector.

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