Product Partner Announcement; Sandstorm — 3D Modelling Solution


Ethereum Towers x Sandstorm — Partnership

Balancing Scale and Individual Expression

At Ethereum Worlds, our goal is to create a Metaverse protocol that is comprehensive and expansive in nature. In order to achieve this, we need to focus on scaling up from our genesis project, Ethereum Towers. However, we also want to ensure that our users will continually have the ability to express their individuality through their Apartments within the Metaverse.

A key element of this strategy involves the development of new and innovative 3D assets that meet the discerning standards of even the most seasoned designers. To achieve this, we have joined forces with Sandstorm, a leading 3D modelling solution that brings together a team of talented artists and studios to help expand our catalogue of items and collectibles. With this partnership, we are taking a huge leap forward in our mission to create a Metaverse environment that delivers a personalized and immersive user experience.

Sandstorm, the leading marketplace platform that connects brands, companies, and Metaverse worlds, will work alongside the Ethereum Worlds team to create an array of items and accessories that will be available for use in Ethereum Towers Apartments. These assets will contribute to the authenticity of the Metaverse while also heightening the user’s sense of ownership.

Grand Piano In-World Collectible

Fostering a Community of Creators

This new partnership is not limited to the development of 3D assets. In addition, Sandstorm will be providing training to its modelers to ensure they can deliver in accordance with Ethereum Worlds’ standards. This will guarantee that every object created for Ethereum Worlds is crafted with precision and meets our stringent benchmark of quality and accuracy.

Additionally, Sandstorm will be providing education opportunities and workshops specifically to our community, helping to foster the growth of the 3D modelling knowledge base within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. We believe that by fostering a vibrant community of creators, we can continue to improve and evolve the Metaverse, offering our users an ever-expanding array of opportunities to design their own assets for use within our virtual world.

We are committed to creating a Metaverse that is truly unparalleled in its scope and interactivity. Through our newly formed partnership with Sandstorm, we are optimistic that we are making significant strides towards realizing our vision. We encourage you to stay tuned for further developments and announcements as we progress towards building the future of virtual reality.

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