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Luxury & Penthouse Reveal

After months of dedicated work on our minimum viable product (MVP), we can now showcase our Luxury and Penthouse Apartments. This noteworthy Medium article will reveal what our premium Apartment owners will be able to experience once they’ve received access.

Luxury Apartments

With only 396 Luxury Apartments available in Ethereum Towers, these really are a rarity within the Towers. There are a total of 396 Luxury Apartments available across both towers and are found exclusively in the corners on floors #1 to #99. Owners of these virtual spaces will enjoy stunning corner Apartment views from their floor-to-ceiling windows. Boasting over 84 feet in length and over 59 feet in width, residents and visitors will enjoy 2.5x the floor space than a Standard Apartment; perfect for virtual get togethers.

This extra space will give countless opportunities for subdivision and customization to create the perfect space for the discerning Metaverse property investor. In fact, the benefits of Luxury ownership don’t stop there, as there are additional ecosystem benefits awarded to Luxury Apartment owners including early access and increased multipliers. Lucky them!

In the VR footage below, the spaciousness of Luxury Apartments is evident. While viewing this in-world demonstration, the user can be seen placing walls and adding accessories to create the desired environment. Also shown is a custom piece of art created by Kris K (the artist behind the Bull Market Girlfriend project), and will be free to all Apartment holders as part of our collection of free standard assets.

Note. There are additional artists in the pipeline that will be contributing exclusive pieces for use by all residents.

Luxury Apartment VR Reveal
Renders for Illustration Purposes Only

The Penthouse

As with most real world Apartment buildings, the most desirable units are located at the top of the structure, and Ethereum Towers is no different. Seen as the pinnacle real estate asset within the ecosystem, there are only 32 Penthouses available across both towers. This sprawling two-story unit is approximately 3x times larger than the Luxury Apartment and is found exclusively on floors #100 & #101. Each floor consists of only 8 Penthouses.

Each Penthouse comes with a second story mezzanine floor and are the only units available with this 2-story feature. They are the crème de la crème of the aspirational Metaverse space; ideal for whales, DAOs, communities, and high-flying organizations.

From a wide open floor plan to a space with well-defined areas, there are many design options available to Penthouse owners. The example below showcases the mezzanine floor which allows for numerous guests at any one time; a supersized, multi-level space that is perfect for work and entertainment.

Penthouse VR Reveal
Renders for Illustration Purposes Only


We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished over the past year and are grateful for the continued feedback and support from our community. Please be sure to hop over to our Discord or Twitter (links below) to continue the conversation.

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