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Ethereum Worlds Whitepaper v2


Introducing version #2 of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Whitepaper. While we encourage everyone to read the full version, we also wanted to created this Medium article to highlight some of the more impactful changes and key milestones that have been introduced.


Ethereum Towers released its first Whitepaper back in October of 2021, and since that release, we’ve made a number of amendments to the project direction as it has evolved. This evolution has led to a revised roadmap and list of milestones which are detailed in the new Whitepaper. We hope that you find this comprehensive document informative and easy to read, while still providing more technical content for those looking to dig a little deeper.

Metaverse Companion App

The first item of note is the Metaverse Companion App. This stand-alone web application will be available on all browsers and mobile devices and has been designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind.

One key feature of the Companion App is to generate an Ethereum Worlds profile. This profile will include the managing of your Avatar through an embedded Ready Player Me portal, the sharing of your socials, and adding a descriptive bio. In addition, it will feature a custom-built storefront and marketplace, facilitating the purchase and trading of rare and desirable in-world items.

Apartment Creator Tool

We have occasionally touched on the highly-customizable nature of each Apartment. And as such, we wanted to ensure all users, regardless of gaming or coding proficiency, would be able to utilize this new Creator Tool with very little instruction. So, we set out to make one of the most simple and intuitive Creator Tools in the industry.

Using simple point-and-click controls, your Avatar can make use of our grid system to build walls, move furniture, and accessorize to your heart’s content. We are confident that whether you are 9 years old, or 90, you will be able to easily customize your Apartment within minutes. This will be the all-in-one tool that Residents use to personalize their Apartment space.

Token Intro ($TWR)

In order to govern the in-world economy effectively and efficiently, we plan to launch an in-world utility token called $TWR. The token will enable a number of transactions and interactions, and will be tightly linked to the governance structure within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. We have shared more detail regarding a second blockchain being used; Polygon. This further embeds $TWR’s multi-chain approach and the Whitepaper explores the difference between these two chains and their uses.

Digital Collectibles

Of course, when you purchase a new Apartment in real life, the first thing that you want to do is decorate it, to put your personal stamp on it… and your virtual Apartment will be no different. With this in mind, we have created hundreds of free Standard catalog items for use in Apartment design, giving creators thousands of unique and custom design options.

The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse will also feature a variety of Collectibles. These are rare or unusual items that are scarce in supply and that are also tokenized as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. These tokenized Collectible NFTs will initially be available via the Ethereum Worlds Store and the Ethereum Worlds Vault (mentioned below).


The ‘Vault’ is a new feature that we’ve created to give users access to exclusive and unique accessories (tokenized as NFTs). The concept is simple. There are a fixed number of vaults, and each vault contains randomized, rare Collectibles that are only available via the vault. More details on this mechanic in the Whitepaper itself.


Thank you for your time, as we highlighted some of the changes we’ve made to our Whitepaper. We encourage you to read the full version (link below) and welcome any questions. We are an ever expanding ecosystem and look forward to working and building alongside our community.

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