Ethereum Worlds ERC20 Token Receives 10/10 in Cybersecurity Audit

The main downside to the Web3.0 space is the daily stories that you read about someone or an organization being scammed or hacked, with some losing many millions of dollars as a result. That is why here at Ethereum Towers we take cybersecurity very seriously, we want our residents and visitors to feel safe in the knowledge that we are continuously monitoring our contracts and protocols to avoid damage or loss of investment. Recently, we have been reassured that these activities are not in vain as we have received a remarkable 10/10 when our systems were audited by Hacken, one of the top cybersecurity solutions in the world!

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Who are Hacken?

Founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine by security specialists and hackers to deliver cybersecurity solutions, Hacken specialize in security for blockchain technology. Their services range from Blockchain Protocol Audits, Ethereum Contract Audits, BSC Smart Contract Audits to Vulnerability Assessments, Social Engineering Tests and Cloud Security Assessments.

What did Hacken do for Ethereum Towers?

In order to assure ourselves that our security systems and protocols are the best they can be, we recruited Hacken to undertake an audit of our ERC-20 contract. This included a smart contract code review as well as a security analysis report. This involved extensive testing including Architecture Review, Functional Testing, Computer-Aided Verification, Manual Review. For the less technical they were looking to see if our product had the correct safety measures against hackers and scammers.

What did Hacken find?

We are pleased to share with you that there were no severity issues found within the Ethereum World ERC-20 smart contract. Not only that but we also passed a further 18 relevant checks undertaken by the Hacken Team. This gave us an overall score of 10/10; the highest possible score that you can achieve when being audited by Hacken. This can be verified on their audits page below.

What does this mean?

This means that on the day of the audit we passed our security assessment with flying colors, this however, does not mean that we can sit back. We are well aware that this is just a snapshot in time. Hackers and scammers are constantly working on new ways to extract funds and investments so we also need to continuously work on this to avoid any security breaches or incidents.

Cybersecurity is something that constantly needs to be assessed and worked upon and we have a team of dedicated security experts analyzing and monitoring everything that we do. We hope that this gives you confidence that an investment in Ethereum Towers is as safe as it can be in ever changing world of Web3.0.


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