Ethereum Towers Update: November ‘22


Ecosystem Update Nov ‘22


Over the past couple of months we have had a number of significant public facing milestones that we have promoted and celebrated, with our one year anniversary and third public mint being the most recent. Behind the scenes we have been working on many other development activities that we’ve hinted at but not shared the details of yet. We want you to be aware of our developments and this document is designed to give you a preview of what to expect over the next two to three months.

Note. This article is designed to prepare you for future publications and will not be a comprehensive overview of the individual news items. It should also not be seen as financial advice but an indication of work we are planning to undertake where schedules could change.

Whitepaper v2 Announcement

The first thing we will be covering is our updated Whitepaper, we see this document as important to our project as any company would view its business plan. We have completely refreshed our Whitepaper and roadmap to reflect the current approach and features in development.

Ethereum Towers Whitepaper V2

The Whitepaper is a comprehensive overview of the company for any prospective investor or interested community member. Look out for the update along with an accompanying Medium article describing the key changes and additions, coming very soon!

Penthouse & Luxury Apartment In-world Reveal

Our Development Team has been hard at work in the background and we are on the cusp of being able to share the first sight of our penthouse and luxury Apartments to the world. On top of this, we’ll also be unveiling the prestigious Penthouse atrium. This will include various Unity engine captures (with native engine lighting) and a ‘first-ever’ in-world demo reveal.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure we are in good shape to share these with our community; especially the current owners, again we will be covering this reveal in Medium, as well as on Discord and Twitter.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new Penthouse floor atrium, inside our world!

Penthouse Atrium inside Unity Game Editor

Ethereum Worlds Companion App v0.5 Launch

In addition to our Apartments, one of our key products is the Ethereum Worlds Companion App, this will enable our owners and visitors to interact with the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem when they are not exploring the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse itself.

Companion App Preview

In v0.5, you will be able to register your Ethereum Worlds account, create your Avatar (using our Ready Player Me integration), and craft your Ethereum Worlds profile and identity. This launch will be key to unlocking our next major milestone, the Beta Testing phase.

In-World Item Catalog Expansion

One of our main goals for our Metaverse, is to give users a chance to create a space that is as unique as they are. We are on a mission against replication, and to achieve this we are continually adding to the expansive catalog of both standard and collectible items that Apartment owners (and future renters) will be able to decorate their Apartment with. The ever-growing choice of furnishings, accessories, and décor will mean that there will be something for everyone.

Standard Catalog Items (Texture-less)
Collectibles (Rugs)

Roadmap/Milestone Amendment (Beta Testing)

Our next planned milestone is Closed Beta Testing. This means that the team and owners will be invited to use a model Apartment initially to enable them to try out the Apartments and carry out such tasks to a) get a feel for the controls and understand the mechanics and b) allow us to ensure that the product is the best it can be before a full wide-scale launch.

We are committed to providing excellent products for our community and as such we are very particular with our quality assurance mechanisms. At the moment we feel that our flagship product; Apartment Creator Tool, may need more time to be finessed in order to give our users that first ‘great impression’ so our milestones for full release will be slightly amended to reflect this.

We understand this might be frustrating as you want to get the full Apartment experience as soon as possible, but we hope that you understand that this is to give us a chance to give you the best product and a little time could help us identify bugs and ensure a smooth and successful launch. We will be sharing a Beta Testing timetable and instructions in our Discord before the end of the year.

$TWR Token Update

As we are all aware, current market conditions are turbulent at best, and it is our intention to give our owners and investors the best possible chance to experience a successful ecosystem which includes a healthy token.

In light of this, we have taken the decision to revisit our token launch in the new year. This will allow us the time to assess the best approach and hopefully identify a more stable time to launch $TWR. Fear not, everyone’s allocation of tokens and snapshots are safely stored and will be allocated when the time comes.

$TWR Token

Note. This decision may have an adverse effect to our in-world ‘Collectibles’ as the main purchasing function was to be through the $TWR. Having said that, our extensive standard catalog will still be available to users so that they can begin decorating their apartments as soon as they move in.

Ethereum Worlds Vault

As an organization we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to add value to our ecosystem. Continuous improvement on behalf of our holders is at the heart of every conversation that we have. As part of this development we can exclusively reveal a new (and unique) mechanic that will be made available in 2023; Ethereum Worlds Vault.

The ‘Vault’, as part of the Store ecosystem, will hold rare in-world Collectibles (NFTs) that will be periodically unlocked and can be opened using $TWR. It will operate on the Polygon blockchain and is a way for owners to receive rare Collectibles (NFTs), otherwise unobtainable anywhere else.

To maintain fairness, the Ethereum Worlds Vault will operate on a global fixed supply of unlockable vault transactions, meaning one vault unlocked reduces the remaining vaults available for everyone else. Look out for more details of the Ethereum Worlds Vault in 2023.

EW Vault Page (Early Demo Screenshot) — All data shown for display purposes only

Conclusion and Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to read and digest our updates. All of the items described above will be communicated further via Twitter, Discord and future Medium posts. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hearing your views and feedback over the coming weeks and months.

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