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May 17th, 2022 - Update 3

We have been hard at work over the last several months alongside our industry partners, meticulously completing tasks on our Metaverse checklist. This Medium post explores some of the major production updates which include environmental art, our utility token, ecosystem developments, and more.

External Environmental Art

We have completed the initial prototype design of the external environment. This is a considerable milestone as we now have a framework baseline for everything that we launch in the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse. We are working with two additional architectural visualizers to ensure that our users can really get a sense of awe at the depth and scale of their surroundings in their new virtual home.

The environment shown below has been imported into our prototype application on the Oculus Quest 2 and tested in VR. We are very happy with the initial results and feel it gives the user a good sense of an expansive environment.

As we share our progress, please note that we will continue to fine tune this external environment and its associated elements.

Ethereum Towers External Environment
Ethereum Towers Sky Garden Prototype Teaser

Internal Social Surroundings

As we design and curate the social areas surrounding the apartments, it is important for us to produce and deliver a high quality environment. To ensure every detail has been met, we recently onboarded a small architectural modeling team based out of London, whose wheelhouse is creating interactive experiences for traditional architectural firms.

Their first task was to elevate the current standard floor models to give a more natural and realistic finish, with subtle changes. This included revisiting the texture mapping, model proportions, and natural elements. Their work is shown below and they’ve demonstrated their ability to align with our current environment production process.

Ethereum Towers Communal Areas
Ethereum Towers Curated Sky Gardens
Ethereum Towers Atrium Prototype Teaser

Penthouse Communal Areas

Those lucky enough to own a Penthouse in Ethereum Towers are in for a treat as we develop a custom atrium for those lucky few. This includes signature hexagonal dark wood wall art, glass ceilings, and exotic foliage which helps to create a luxurious ambience.

As demonstrated in the examples below, every new iteration shows continued improvement. The team is continually innovating to improve our offering so by the time we deploy our Metaverse protocol later this year, we will have a very competitive product that owners will be proud to call their virtual home.

Penthouse Atrium #1
Penthouse Atrium #2


Throughout the last month or so, we’ve released our Strategic Investor Spotlight series on our Medium, which has highlighted those companies and organizations that have invested heavily in the Ethereum Worlds Team, Metaverse, and token.

In order to secure this funding, the team has been fully doxed and has been thoroughly vetted by some of the industry’s most seasoned venture capitalists.

To date our Strategic Investors have invested $1.1M!

Token ($TWR)

We have been in discussions with a variety of leading launchpads to conduct our IDO for $TWR (our native utility token), with two launchpads tentatively confirmed. This will bring a wave of exposure to our Metaverse protocol and our token.

Due to current market conditions, we‘ve been having ongoing discussions with our investors and advisors as to when would be the ideal time to launch our IDO. We want to ensure that we’re delivering as much value to users in our ecosystem as possible, and want to give our token and brand the opportunity to flourish.

In addition, we have onboarded two separate marketing agencies focused on raising awareness for our IDO, with a 6-figure budget and an 8-week runway. On top of this, we have made strategic partnerships with KOLs (key opinion leaders), Influencer Managers, and groups targeting different geographics.

At the time of this release, the IDO activation strategy has been placed on hold as the Ethereum Worlds’ team assesses the current market situation.

Ethereum Towers Native Utility Token ($TWR)

Token Emission Contract

We recently partnered with a leading firm in cybersecurity, giving a 10/10 security score for our ERC-20 token emission contract. This contract is responsible for deploying our native utility token $TWR.

Ecosystem Developments

The Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse ecosystem is much bigger than just Ethereum Towers, and we believe that building out a holistic system that integrates and supports the in-world experience will provide more value to everyone within the ecosystem.

Here are some key ecosystem development work streams:

  • Apartment NFT Staking (Code Completed)
  • Apartment NFT Token Claim Portal (Deployed to Testnet)
  • $TWR ERC-20 Staking Portal (Deployed to Testnet)
  • In-World Asset NFT Marketplace/Trading Page (Concept Phase)
Staking Portal

We will continue to keep our community updated on the progress of these developments, and share any updates/changes on our communication channels.

NOTE: As many of the ecosystem development work streams require a deployed utility token, the Ethereum Worlds’ team will not be releasing these until the utility token has been deployed.

Apartment Asset Production

In-world apartment asset production is well underway, and are continuing to scale up our production strategy by onboarding another 3D modeling team. Alongside our Game Producer, we are putting a lot of consideration into the variation of asset classes available to future Apartment NFT holders. This production strategy includes traditional dwelling items as well as specific themed collections/bundles.

The example below shows a set of bundled assets that may be utilized by photographers and filmmakers alike.

Lights, Camera, Action Bundle (WIP)

Rubbing Elbows With The Community

The Ethereum Towers’ team has busy hosting and participating in an assortment of AMAs, Fireside chats, IRL meetups, and industry events. Whether it be in San Diego, Canada, England or Croatia… the team has been casting the social net far and wide to teach all those who will listen about the magic that is being built here in the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse.

Upcoming team events include VeeCon, NFT.NYC, and Dubai.

BlockDown Croatia 2022 #1
BlockDown Croatia 2022 #2

Upcoming Merch Drop

We are working with one the industry’s top full-service merchandise and technology agencies based in Los Angeles, CA, focused on providing an elevated, white-glove core merchandise service. Some of their featured clients are BAYC, Invisible Friends, AC/DC, Bud Light, Coachella, Snoop Dogg, Solana… and now Ethereum Towers.

Say tuned for more information coming soon.

Community Awards and Recognition

The team continues to nurture and grow our wonderful community. In doing so, we’ve regularly highlighted those community members that continue to stand out through the Ethereum Tower’s Citizenship Award.

We are truly blessed with so many wonderful residents here in the Towers, all deserving of recognition for the contributions, energy, kindness, and support shown within our ET neighborhood. It’s not about grinding in the discord and it’s not about who has the most followers on twitter, it’s about genuine and authentic interactions that help to build meaningful relationships.

To those of you who call Ethereum Towers your home, or even your NFT holiday home, your moment will come, and when it does we will all cheer and celebrate with you.

Ethereum Towers Citizenship Award

Upcoming May Snapshot

In April we conducted the first of 3 snapshots for our Ethereum Worlds Loyalty Snapshot program as we lead up to the launch of our utility token. Our second snapshot will be held sometime this month and will not be announced until after it has been taken. This second snapshot can be taken at any time between today and the end of this month.

The snapshots will look at every Apartment NFT and record the owner’s wallet address, meaning the same wallet address can be recorded multiple times in a single snapshot. This is important to note as the more apartments that you own, the greater your loyalty gift allocation.

Each snapshot taken will qualify the addresses captured for a set number of tokens from the overall loyalty gift token pool. The more snapshots that capture your wallet address, the more tokens you will qualify for.

Anyone may be eligible for this snapshot loyalty gift as long as you own at least 1 Apartment NFT and your wallet address is recorded in at least 1 snapshot.

NOTE: The Apartment NFT’s floor and apartment type will be recorded in each snapshot, this is important when calculating token allocation.

Times Square Feature

Ethereum Towers is coming to Times Square!

We are excited to be teaming up with PLINFT for their Times Square NFT Global Community Event scheduled for June 21/22 by prominently displaying the Ethereum Towers project on the big screens for the whole world to see!

This event also coincides with NFT.NYC ( which is scheduled for June 20–23 and is known as the “Woodstock” of the NFT world.

It’ll be fun times, full of excitement and NYC-style parties…. hope to see you there and to join in the celebration as we introduce our beloved Ethereum Towers to the whole world! 🎉

See you in NYC!


DISCLAIMER: All environmental art and architectural designs are subject to change at the discretion of the Ethereum Worlds’ team.

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