Ethereum Towers Product Update Oct’ 22 (Mint Edition)


Ethereum Towers Product Update Oct’22 (Mint Edition)

Over the past twelve months, Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds have evolved beyond recognition from our original concept of providing Metaverse address NFTs. We have expanded our offering to become Oculus ready, fully customizable, user-owned apartments with the NFT transforming into the access key for this virtual environment. On the eve of our mint, we are proud to share some of our best kept secrets that we have been building behind the scenes in preparation for our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

This special edition of our Product Medium will cover the following items;

  • Creator Tool including apartment building and furnishing mechanics
  • Exclusive Custom Artwork for owners
  • In-world Items
  • Metaverse Companion App

We will also share some of the finer tuning we’ve done to the mint page to ensure a smooth experience for everyone minting this week.

Creator Tool; Building & Furnishing Mechanics

We have made it no secret that our Metaverse is designed for non-gamers; we want everyone, regardless of their VR/ tech experience, to be able to design and create their own unique space. To achieve this, our goal is to develop one of the most intuitive and fun building tools across all Metaverses, which will be exclusively for use by our holders (and renters in the future). From walls to wall coverings, from floors to floor lamps… every owner should be able to select in-world assets and place (or remove) them with ease.

The Creator Tool is a significant development milestone which will set the foundation for building and designing as we move forward. With simple select, point and move functions… items, flooring and wall coverings can be placed to the liking of the user in their Apartment.

Exclusive Custom Artwork for Apartment Holders

In the recent Metaverse video clips that we have released, you may have noticed artwork from one of our wonderful residents and partners, Kris K, creator of the Bull Market Girlfriends collection.

This is something that we have been working on for some time now and are very excited to reveal to our community. We want to give every one of our holders access to beautiful, high quality artwork. This is especially important for those that may not have many/any NFTs of their own to showcase in their Apartment. Ethereum Towers already connects so many creative and talented individuals together, and we wanted to take that concept one step further.

Bull Market Girlfriends Custom Artwork

These two artworks are custom pieces designed exclusively for Ethereum Towers residents to use. These are not NFTs, as these will be available to everyone that holds an Ethereum Towers Apartment and will be able to be selected and deployed within our Creator Tool. This is just the beginning as we plan to expand the number of these exclusive ‘free to use’ pieces available by teaming up with collaboration and Centers of Excellence partners to give our residents access to high quality pieces without having to purchase the NFTs.

Metaverse Companion App

Companion App Preview

The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App has been in development for some time now, with some pages and functions already in the quality assurance and testing phase. This includes but not limited to, account creation, wallet linking, profile editing and NFT staking. Here is an exclusive screenshot from the Profile page from the first ever account created in Ethereum Worlds.

All figures, prices and data are placeholders and only for example purposes.

At present, we are developing the entire storefront and marketplace, with some final pieces of logic being implemented. We can’t wait to share more sneak peeks and demos over the next couple of months.

In-world Items

Yesterday during our AMA for the first time we were able to share some details on what the Ethereum Worlds item NFT economy will look like. Long term followers will be aware that one of our goals is that no two apartments should look the same, as we look to encourage people to be creative and unique within their space. In the past we have hinted that we have been developing a significant number of in-world items that can be placed in apartments.

Items will be divided into two categories; ‘Standard’ and ‘Collectibles’. Standard items will be decorative assets made available to every owner. They will be available in various different colors and finishes to match the style and décor that the user is looking to achieve. These will form the majority of items available within the Creator Tool.

Collectible items will be much more unique, unusual and desirable. In contrast to Standard items, Collectibles will be tokenized as NFTs to represent either a single item or a bundle of multiple items. Collectible items will have capped supply, with some being extremely rare, perhaps even 1/1s. This term will also cover items that fall into categories such as; ‘limited time’ items, collaboration items and competition prize items. Every Collectible item (NFT-backed), whether singular or bundle, will have an associated tier.

These tiers are as follows:

  • Uncommon
  • Exclusive
  • Unique
  • Artifact
In-World Assets Preview

In order to obtain one of these items, mechanics will be powered exclusively by our native token, $TWR. More information will be made available over the coming months.

Note: Everything in this section is subject to change, but this is the direction that we’re heading towards and should provide a good indicator of direction of travel.

Mint Page Rework

As we begin launching our new 24-hour limited mints, in order to give our users a more comprehensive and secure experience, we have reworked our mint page. Firstly, we have enhanced our security systems which includes installation and implementation of Captcha software. This will ensure all transactions will be secure and minters can purchase their apartments with peace of mind. We have also upgraded our wallet functionality, and now support Metamask mobile and Wallet Connect extension, which gives minters more options when it comes to making their purchase.

Revised Mint Page

We have enhanced the responsiveness for mobile and tablet users in order to make it as seamless as if it were on a pc or laptop. Finally, we have refreshed the design and color palette to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Conclusion and Thanks

One of our aims is to delight our residents in everything that we do. We hope that this product update has given you an insight into how we are constantly working behind the scenes to deliver quality and choice in new and exciting ways for our Apartment owners. Thank you for reading and we look forward to revealing more of our products and innovations with you all soon.

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