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4 min readJun 23, 2022

Welcome to the latest Ethereum Towers Product Update, which is part of a series of articles where we dive into some of the most recent product development milestones for our community. We’ve been so busy this month with our heads down building what an update we have for you. We have a new Unity Technical Artist, a sneak peek of the updated Apartment models and an update on the structural placement tool that will feature inside our Apartments.

Wondering what all of this means to Apartment owners and visitors to Ethereum Worlds? Then read on.

Update June 2022

Unity Technical Artist

This month we onboarded a technical artist that specializes in working with Unity game engine, the platform that Ethereum Towers and the surrounding Ethereum Worlds ecosystem is built upon. This role demands a specific blend of skills; that includes technical development and 3D modeling, this can be a hard resource to find but we have managed to recruit one that fits our needs perfectly. The primary goal for our technical artist was to balance engine performance with visual aesthetics.

Their first task on the project is to work with lighting, textures and shaders in order to create a more dynamic and complete experience for the user. During this task, it was imperative that this work was not adding much additional processing power when users are traversing the Ethereum Worlds environment.

Experts in this field use lighting as a powerful tool to enhance the user’s visual experience of their surroundings. Below you can see the latest in-engine images benefiting from improved lighting and ambience. Their first deliverable was an updated standard floor model, including the sky gardens and atrium. We were extremely happy with the results and have requested that they join the project moving forward. They will be applying their expertise to other areas over the coming months.

Unity Artist — Lighting
Unity Artist — Water shaders to add environment depth

Updated Apartment Models

Working on the premise that owners will initially spend the most time in their apartments within the Ethereum Towers, we are focusing our efforts to make this experience the best that it can possibly be. This is the motivation for why we have updated every Apartment model to bring a more realistic feel and style to the interior of the virtual property owned through our NFTs.

In addition to upgrades in windows, doors and skirting boards, we have also added thin glass panels to the outside of each apartment to give it a realistic appearance over and above the outer layer.

Standard Apartment Render — Models, textures and shaders are subject to change
Luxury Apartment Render — Models, textures and shaders are subject to change
Penthouse (Corner) Apartment Render— Models, textures and shaders are subject to change

Structural Placement Tool

What’s a structural placement tool I hear you ask? Well it is an integral part of Ethereum Towers build technology. It allows the owner to choose wall and partition locations in their Apartments. This innovative tools allow full customization of the space available within the apartment footprint enabling the user to pick the design and attachment locations in their living space.

This was initially developed as a standalone application and is now being integrated into the build. The Ethereum Towers Exec Team and our development partners are extremely happy at how this is progressing. We feel that even in its early stages it is a very intuitively designed application and will be a welcome additional benefit to the owners of Ethereum Towers apartments when it comes to making their custom, virtual space.

We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks once it has been integrated into our platform.

Conclusion and Thanks

Thank you for reading, we hoped that you enjoyed our product update and are as excited as we are for what’s to come in Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds. For more news and updates subscribe to our Medium channel or visit our podcast on



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