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We’re sure that readers are aware that it has been a while since our last ‘Product Update’ Medium post. The reason for this is that we have been working on so many different aspects of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse, that we wanted to release everything at once rather than in smaller segments. We believe that this bumper edition will give our readers a chance to see the bigger picture and understand exactly what we’ve been building and how it all fits together.


Our aspiration is for there to be ‘no two apartments the same’ within Ethereum Towers. To achieve this, we are giving our residents (and future renters) as much choice as possible when it comes to designing and decorating their unique space. But choice isn’t the only element here, as we need to ensure that using this building tool is inclusive and fun.

Our goal here is simple; to create the most intuitive and user-friendly building experience.

By this we mean that almost anyone could buy an Ethereum Towers Apartment and intuitively start building without prior gaming, VR or Metaverse experience.

Apartment Assets — Placing & Logic Engine

The first thing we want to cover is the ‘apartment asset placing and logic engine’. Yes this may sound technical but essentially, after weeks of development (and overcoming a few bugs and obstacles) we are now in a position to give users the opportunity to place items from the in-world catalog directly into our Metaverse platform. It will allow users to place objects in a way that does not hinder or impede other items and create a design that is logical, sensible and reflective of the laws of physics that are applied to placing walls and furniture in real life.

The clip below shows early footage of the core functionality of this logic and you can already start to see how intuitive this system will be in production.

Note: Features and mechanics are heavily subject to change

Prototype mechanic for selecting, rotating and placing in-world items

We will also be working to build the user interface (UI) including menu, buttons and flow to be as simple and effective as possible. This UI will need to work (and be uniform) for both VR and browser platforms.

All aspects have been designed to be simple and fast, and we believe that this first iteration developed for VR hits that mark and then some. As with most things in tech development, the process of making something simple to use has taken a lot of time and effort from our Development Team.

Final Touches; Textures & Finishes

Followers of our progress will have noticed that all of our video previews of the interior apartment experience until now, have had little or no texture to them. This has been primarily due to the fact that this footage has been taken in our development environment and not in the actual Metaverse itself. As we get closer to deployment an increased level of detail will begin to appear in our previews.

On arrival, owners will be able to choose from an array of textures, materials and colors to apply to the surfaces of their Apartments. This will give an opportunity to holders to personalize their space in a ground breaking way. In addition to this, we believe that this will add to the uniqueness of each individual apartment in the Ethereum Towers complex.

Examples of flooring textures that will be available

We have been working on creating the first range of flooring and wall coverings that will be available to every Apartment owner. This range will feature different materials and colors. We expect there to be 100+ options available on minimum viable product (MVP) launch for ALL owners. This figure does not include the exclusive designs (for both flooring and wall coverings) that will also be available to obtain via the Ethereum Worlds Companion App.

Items; Design and UI

One of our best kept secrets is that for the past six months we have been working with our dedicated 3D modeler to create countless models and assets (and variants) of in-world items and accessories.

In-world item preview

We already have 100s of different placeable items for our owners to make their apartments unique. On launch, there will be multiple types, styles and sizes of objects to design and accessorize regardless of what the Apartment’s intended use may be.

On our initial launch of our MVP there will be a considerable amount of these items available to users to furnish their personal space, and we look forward to seeing how they are placed and/ or used to generate the desired room aesthetic.

Metaverse Companion App Development

Now let’s move on to the Companion App; we are pleased to announce that we have deployed a live test environment for quality assurance purposes. Our main goal from this work is to assess flow and functionality.

Below, we have shared some early screenshots for illustration purposes. There are still additional pages and elements in development and we will update further in future articles.

Login page featuring a Web3 and traditional log in system
Homepage once logged in
Editing my profile, adding a bio and social links
Visiting Apartment staking (and future renting) page

Conclusion and Thanks

As you can see, the Ethereum Worlds Team are working tirelessly to have the MVP released by the end of 2022. Our next stages of development include beginning production for the ability for users to showcase their NFTs in their Apartments and creating the texture applying mechanics to the entire build engine. Thanks for reading and we hope you have found it interesting and given you lots to consider about your future Ethereum Towers Apartment experience.

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