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3 min readFeb 22, 2022


February 2022, Update #1

Ethereum Towers

Welcome to the latest Ethereum Towers Medium Update, an opportunity for us to take a look back at our recent activity as well as providing an overview of the exciting things to come in both Ethereum Towers and the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse. This week has been extremely busy for the team and we hope that you find this update useful to understand what has been achieved and where we are on our project trajectory.

Transitioning From Proof-of-Concept (POC) to Prototype

We are pleased to announce that after 5 months of preparatory work we have reached a major milestone of the project; we have officially transitioned from our proof-of-concept to the actual design of our Metaverse prototype, meaning that the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse is one step closer to being a (virtual) reality.

For those less technically inclined, this is a massive step forward on our development timeline. This will help us to not only visualize the aesthetics of the environment that we are creating, but will also allow us to demonstrate the concept, test limitations, remove ambiguities, and more.

This commitment is a solidification of our future intentions taking us from POC to prototype development. We are currently in the onboarding stage of our development company and will have more details in the next announcement.

Communal Space Concepts

One of the many features that we feel sets Ethereum Towers and indeed Ethereum Worlds apart from other Metaverse projects is our attention to detail. As part of our commitment to this we are using professional architects to design the Towers and the surrounding landscape. This is to give the environment outside of the apartments an aesthetic appeal beyond that of the architectural elements; these professionally curated communal areas are being designed for all to share and enjoy. These areas will also host a number of sponsored areas where users may engage with a variety of retail brands and services.

This week we have received our initial mock ups of these branded areas from our designers. These are important as we envisage them to be a large part of the communal hub and will be situated within the main thoroughfare of the Towers. It is also one of the first times that we have seen the Towers populated with people which we think gives an extra level of depth. We look forward to sharing additional content over the coming weeks but for now here is one of our favorites.

In-World Economy

This week we’ve also been advancing our in-world economy model; continuing our early engagements with one of the largest complex gaming system designers in the world. Over 350+ academic institutions use their proprietary software, as well as working with big names such as Amazon Gaming, Paradox Interactive, Zynga, Gameloft, and Ubisoft.

We are excited to announce that they will be designing a custom in-world economy exclusively for the Ethereum Worlds’ ecosystem. This is all we can share for now but will be making a formal announcement over the coming weeks.

Conclusion and thanks

It has been a busy and exciting week here at Ethereum Towers; with our eyes firmly fixed on the future, we move forward with many positives as well as the lessons that we’ve learned.

Trust that we always have the community in mind in every decision that we make and wish to thank each and every person that supports us, attends events, retweets our content, and shows their support, not only through the good times, but also through the obstacles as well.

Thank you!

Note. Due to a rebrand our Twitter account is now @ethereum_worlds.



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