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3 min readJul 29, 2022

After the weeks and months of attending various different events and making many new contacts, we have gradually been offered more and more speaking opportunities. As it happens the week that Brandon was at the Metaverse Summit in Paris we were also invited to speak at Here Estates; Metaverse X Real Estate II lunchtime networking event in London. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, Adam took the train down from Birmingham to London to spread the word of Ethereum Towers.

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On arrival, Adam was a little surprised (and quite pleased) to see that it was being held in a small pub in the center of London. It was a super-hot day so he ordered a drink and surveyed his surroundings. He was quickly welcomed by Iman and Max; the organizers as the pub started to fill up with Web3 and Metaverse professionals. There were also a number of curious members of the public that had either heard about the event online or had found it by accident by being in the same venue. It didn’t matter as everyone was made to feel welcome by host, Iman.

Despite a few gremlins in the electronic display (old television) the proceedings got underway. Adam was one of six speakers on the day ranging from cryptocurrency transaction providers (BCB) to NFT backed loans company; By the time it was Adam’s turn to speak the tech gods shone down and the pub seemed a little quieter and he was able to share the Ethereum Towers deck with relative ease. Many of the audience asked questions at the end of the session regarding governance and logistics which led to a healthy debate about the wider implications of building a virtual world.

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After the event Adam got to meet many of the people that were there over a another drink before setting back home. So far, some of these interactions have led to a number of follow up Telegram and video call conversations, one of which has already produced an offer for another speaking opportunity. This time at the much heralded (and uber cool) Web3 event; Nickel Factory and the innovative FriDao collective!

Overall, it was a great opportunity to make new contacts and share the excellent opportunities that Ethereum Towers hold to investors and those interested in the new space we call Web3. Needless to say we would love to participate in a future Here Estates event and thank them for the platform to speak to a new audience.


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