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3 min readAug 12, 2022

Life moves quickly here at Ethereum Towers, and it is almost unbelievable that our ‘Artists in Residence’ initiative; Centers of Excellence for Art and Community has been running for two months. And what a two months it has been!

In this relatively short amount of time, the team has already welcomed 5 Artists and Thought Leaders to their new apartments with many more on the horizon. Here is a brief overview of our first 5 talented people/ projects and who we can look forward to seeing in the future.

The Story So Far…


Our first artist was already a friend of Ethereum Towers and arrived with all of her ‘Wonderpals’. It was of course the prominent artist, founder and designer; Mina.

Wonderpals arrive!

Diela Maharanie

Second to arrive, bringing a splash of color to Ethereum Worlds was vibrant illustrator and fiber artist; Diela Maharanie.

Diela Maharanie colllage

Erika Lee

The third arrival inaugurated into this innovative initiative was Insider, Vayner Media and ONE37pm author; Erika Lee. Erika is a highly respected Web3 thought leader.

Erika Lee

Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria, renowned poet and artist was fourth to join the roster of talent at Ethereum Towers. Her notable collaboration with The Hundreds artist has been widely acclaimed.

Amber Vittoria

Danny Dope

Co-founder of the disruptive Web3 recruitment start up; Danny Dope is our most recent addition to our growing wealth of resident talent. Danny has spearheaded recruitment for big names such as Tesla and Google Nest.

Danny Dope

Coming Soon…

Look out for the next round of inductees to the Centers of Excellence for Art and Community. Over the coming weeks we will be welcoming the following:

Scottish artist Harvey —

Founder of Toby Lasso —

Star Catchers NFT artist Arial Jade —

Letters founder/ creator Vinnie Hager —

Conclusion and Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, as you can see Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds will be a creative and innovative hub of activity. For more information please subscribe to our Medium or visit our links below.

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