Ethereum Towers — ‘A Very Dubai Project’

June 3rd, 2022

The Ethereum Towers team was elated when Jack from Ethereal Collective invited them to Metacon Global, a Metaverse meets pop culture mega summit held at the World Trade Center in Dubai. Brandon was invited to speak on two panels and Tom and Adam attended to greet, network and spread the word at the Ethereum Towers branded area within the main thoroughfare.

Brandon on the panel at Metacon Global

The event itself was a sprawling mass of color featuring innovative NFT and Web3.0 projects from all over the globe. We shared the arena with innovative start-ups across the spectrum of virtual gaming and NFTs, and there were even a few blue chips for good measure including World of Women and one of our project advisors; Master Ventures.

Day One

The first day of Metacon was quite project heavy with very few people there that weren’t linked to one of the participating companies or involved in the production in some shape or form. This was where Tom came into his own; impressively creating partnerships with projects and individuals that will undoubtedly reap dividends for Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds over the coming months. Adam spent most of his time explaining the project to passers by and often times would be dragging people over to check our electronic visual displays.

Ethereum Towers Team

Brandon gave a great account of himself and Ethereum Towers on his two expert panels, giving clear and considered answers to his questions but also adding perfect nuggets of insight during the debate sections. One highlight was where Adelina from World of Women said that she could see Ethereum Towers as a project that could be part of the future of NFTs; a true wow moment from WoW!

Meal with World of Women & Ethereal Collective

Day Two

Day two couldn’t have been more different than day one; the team at Metacon, and evidently some of the participants, had publicized the event over night which triggered an influx of new businesses, interested members of the public and commercial investors through the doors.

We spoke to countless interested people about the project with some of them exclaiming that Ethereum Towers was a ‘very Dubai project’ and another contact stating that he lived in the ‘same building in Dubai’. We later found out that he was referring to the Cayan Tower which does bear a resemblance to the designs of our beloved home in the Metaverse.

Brandon with Jack (Ethereal Collective)

The flood gates of people were well and truly opened and the team met with as many people that they could for a solid 8 hours straight. Whereas some projects had left their respective stalls without a representative after the trickle of people on the first day, our team capitalized on their attendance with a renewed vigor. At various times throughout day 2 there were queues of people waiting on our sofas to speak to us. Brandon and Adam even had on the spot interviews for podcasts and YouTube channels.


By the end of the event, having spoken to hundreds of potential owners, strategic & commercial investors, the team was exhausted, their voices hoarse and their phones were full of contacts to follow up on over the coming months. The conference and the trip were well worth attending and if some of the relationships come to fruition, Ethereum Towers owners and stakeholders will have a lot to be excited about.

Last Night



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