Centers of Excellence for Art & Community (CoE) Reboot

CoE Season Two

The Story So Far…

Since the inception of our Centers of Excellence for Art & Community, Ryan the founder of the initiative and Tom our Partnerships Director have worked tirelessly to showcase up and coming and established artists and influential voices in the Web3 space. From artists to founders, thought leaders to movie producers, we have an array of talent spanning many genres taking up their home in our Metaverse. We’re sure our Artists in Residence floor will be overflowing with creativity for our Apartment owners to experience and enjoy first-hand when they (virtually) move in. And as a natural progression to this, we are proud to announce Centers of Excellence Season Two.

Firstly before we dive in to our update, let’s just take a quick register of our awesome Season One Alumni; Mina (Wonderpals) Diela Maharanie, Erika Lee, Amber Vittoria, Danny Dope, Harvmcm, Toby Lasso, Arial Jade, Vinnie Hager, ArinaBBart, Kassvi, Alan Carroll, Josh Ong, Sarana aka Aslan Ruby, Brandon Frankel, Julie Pacino, John Lemon, and Idil Dursun. Further details can be found of these and future members in our Artists & Thought Leaders channel in our Discord.

Season Two

For Season Two, we will be building on the foundations of Season One but adding in a few key changes. Firstly, we’ll be saying a fond farewell to Ryan our first Twitter Spaces host, he’s taking a step back from the role and in his place will be his counterpart; Partnerships Director Tom. Tom’s passion for the initiative is undeniably infectious and we’ll sure he’ll do a great job taking the reins. We are also introducing extra incentives for the artists and those engaging with the content created as part of this reboot.

What’s New?

COE Vault

To show our commitment to the CoE Artists and Creators, we will be introducing a vault that will hold curated NFT pieces by the participants. This will stand as a gallery and time capsule dedicated to the talented contributors to the initiative as well as pieces from other artists when opportunities arise.


To encourage attendance to the new look Twitter Spaces, we are adding a number of opportunities for those listening in and supporting. We will be giving ‘limited time’ POAPs to those that attend CoE live events as well as a monthly raffle ticket draw to win Apartment NFTs as part of the proceedings, there may even be Luxury Apartments up for grabs…

In addition to this, there will be an ‘End of Season’ prize pool consisting of Art and Apartments for regular listeners that have collected a required amount of POAPs. Lucky winners will be drawn at the season finale, so be sure to listen in. We’re sure these additions will add to the buzz when we welcome new members to the project and a richer experience for the audience when listening to the Spaces.

Podcast Updates

Recordings of the COE Twitter Spaces will now be featured regularly on the Ethereum Worlds Transmission podcast for those that aren’t able to listen in live. This will allow more people to get to know the Artists in Residence and a chance to catch up if someone is in a different time zone or misses the interview.

Discord Role

To keep our community up to date with news and developments of the CoE, we will be creating a Discord specifically for the initiative. This will include announcements of new artists and thought leaders as well as times, dates and links to the Spaces themselves.


We are grateful for all of the artists and thought leaders that have taken part so far and look forward to sharing the next round of talented individuals and groups. These will be announced in our Discord over the coming week so look out for that. Thank you for reading and your continued support of all of our initiatives at Ethereum Worlds and Ethereum Towers.

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