Centers of Excellence for Art & Community

June 1st, 2022

Since the inception of Ethereum Towers, we have strived for it to be a place of creativity and learning, seeking collaborations with those individuals and projects which embolden those community-building hallmarks. To that end, Ethereum Towers is implementing a new collaborative initiative where we will seek to partner with celebrated Thought Leaders and Artists within the wider NFT space, bringing old and new communities together to create authentic relationships and interactions within the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse.

It is with this in mind that we proudly announce our Centers of Excellence for Art & Community.

Centers of Excellence for Art & Community

What are the Centers of Excellence for Art & Community?

The Center of Excellence for Art is a floor within Ethereum Towers which will feature Artists in Residence who are harnessing the power of Web3 to break boundaries and bring their art to a global audience. Each Artist in Residence will have an apartment on the 88th floor which can be used for things such as collaborative art experiences, gallery nights, performance spaces, and much more.

Whereas the Center of Excellence for Community is a floor that will feature Thought Leaders within the Web3 space. These are people who have been identified as innovators, mentors, community builders, developers, security experts, and so much more. Each Thought Leader will have an apartment on the 95th floor which can be used for such things as educational events, AMAs, collaborative learning sessions, meeting rooms, and/or support platforms.

Both Centers of Excellence will have public and private events to create unique user experiences for existing community members as well as visitors to Ethereum Worlds Metaverse.

When and how will these Centers be launched?

Each Artist in Residence and Thought Leader will be introduced via a dedicated Twitter Space. Here we can learn more about their background and also what makes them and their communities such an incredible addition to the Ethereum Towers’ family. Furthermore, they will have the option of being interviewed for the Ethereum Towers’ Transmission podcast to understand things such as how they got started, how web3.0 has impacted their approach, and what inspires them to keep building/creating.

This series of introductions will take place over the coming months. The goal is that these introductions will lead us into the launch of the Ethereum Worlds’ Metaverse where the connections with these individuals will begin to show their true depth and breadth. Our first artist will be featured in a Twitter Space on June 2nd, and each subsequent Spaces event we will be held either weekly or biweekly.

With that, please set a reminder for June 2nd at 12pm EDT (5pm BST), this will be our first Artist in Residence Twitter Spaces event where we will introduce Mina, the Founder & Artist behind the WonderPals!

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