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3 min readJul 22, 2022

Last weekend, Brandon and Tom crossed the channel from the UK to France for the much heralded Metaverse Summit, held this year in Paris. Ethereum Towers had been invited to present at the event by the organizers and the opportunity was too good to let pass by. Here are some of the key highlights and photographs from their trip.

Brandon presenting at Metaverse Summit

The team touched down in Paris on Friday and spent the remainder of the day preparing their pitch for the next day. Brandon being a seasoned panel guest already had experience of what to expect and knew that the topic of the conference meant he needed to be in top form.

On Saturday they made their way to the conference, here they had the chance to meet a wide selection of different projects and interested parties, many of which had synergies with Ethereum Towers. It’s quite possible that a lot of collaborations may be spawned from these interactions in the future.

Saturday afternoon saw Brandon take the stage for his pitch on Ethereum Towers and the wider Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. There was a lot of interest in what was being shared, especially around the upcoming product milestones. At the close of the presentation, the audience shared their appreciation by applause and then in-person later on in the day.

On Saturday evening, Brandon and Tom were invited to the Metaverse Summit VIP Gala held at the Atelier des Lumières. This was an exclusive event for sponsors and speakers, made extra special with an incredible art installation. Again the networking opportunities were plentiful and the team maximized their time by collecting Telegram and e-mail addresses for future cross-project synergies.

Art installation; Atelier des Lumières

After a busy Saturday, they took some time to attend additional presentations on Metaverse-specific topics sponsored by a number of industry leaders in attendance. The insight gleaned from these talks will be invaluable over the coming months as Ethereum Towers looks to the future of the Metaverse, and where our counterparts are heading is equally important for us to be aware of. Sunday evening was spent taking in some of the beautiful sights of Paris while letting all of the information consumed sink in over a glass of wine.

Seeing the sights

The only downside to the trip was that their flight home to the UK was delayed by 4 hours, but the success of the weekend was still in their hearts and gave a good opportunity to catch up on correspondence and continue the networking with contacts that they had met over the weekend.

Paris will never forget you

This event was a great success for Ethereum Towers as not only did we get a chance to share the Ethereum Towers project on a global stage but we were also able to network with some of the best in the business. Brandon and Tom are planning to meet up with Adam for a catch-up on a future Ethereum Towers Transmission podcast, but for now au-revoir!

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